Paint & Decorating

Updating your home can be as simple as applying a fresh coat of paint, wallpapering a tired-looking room or adding a modern window treatment. Fraser Valley Rona can help you find the right painting and decorating supplies—and provide the expert advice you need—to help you transform your home.

Paint and painting supplies

In addition to our Benjamin Moore Store-in-Store, we also carry Sico Paints, a premier line of environmentally smart, low VOC paints and primers in one available in easy to mix and match designer colours.

Since preparation and clean-up are as important as the paint job, we also carry an excellent selection of painting supplies and accessories—from value-priced to professional quality—to suit the needs and budgets of homeowners, renovators, builders and painting contractors.

Paint selection and matching

Fraser Valley Rona is more than a place to mix paint. When you come to our store, you’ll be met with knowledgeable, sincere staff who listen to what you want. We’ll ask you about the project you’re working on, and then help you decide what quality of paint, sheen level and price point suit you best. If you need help choosing colours, bring in your flooring samples, fabric swatches, artwork and even pictures of your home—the more samples the better. We can even do colour matching from fabric swatches and other brands’ paint chips.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! It’s better to ask now than to have to redo a whole project.”
– Carey Myers-Pulles, Interior Design Specialist, Fraser Valley Ace Hardware